With horse welfare being a top priority for Aquis Farm, we have implemented a re-training program for retired racehorses. This includes horses who have raced in Australia as well as horses who have raced in Hong Kong.

When horses enter our retirement program, the first step is to spell in a paddock, to allow them to fully unwind physically and mentally from their racing days. Each horse is assessed by our vets to ensure they are physically sound. They are also seen to by our farrier, equine dentist and equine chiropractor to ensure they are ready to begin their retraining into becoming an equestrian horse.

The horses begin their retraining by lunging in the sand round yard with no rider on their back. They are lunged with gear that teaches them to round their back and to carry themselves correctly for equestrian disciplines. Once they have achieved this, they begin to be ridden in equestrian gear. Their exercise includes flat work (dressage), jumping and trail riding. By the time they are rehomed, they are well rounded riding horses, ready to begin a long life after racing.