More Accolades for Aquis Farm Film

In Farm News, Video by Ben Ready

The Aquis Farm Corporate Film has won another award for Mac and Bern Creative.

Last Saturday the Aquis Farm Corporate Film received a Silver ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) Award at the Queensland & Northern Territory awards in the Corporate and Educational Category.

This category is renowned for being highly competitive and  attracts high profile nominees. In 2017 the national winner was a Burberry mini-movie shot by Oscar-winning Cinematographer Dion Beebe with an estimated budget of around £10.5M.

This latest award for the Aquis Farm Corporate Film comes off the back of the recent Silver Award it received for Cinematography at the Brisbane Advertising and Design Club Awards in October. It’s considered uncommon for a piece to place consistently at both shows.

“It was really exciting to see the work screened in that environment and applauded by peers and mentors alike. It’s exciting for all of us as this gives a bit of a measure on how the work we create together with Aquis stacks up against the broader industry and even other work with significantly larger budgets from other verticals.”

“There’s lots of planning, time and effort from everybody involved on farm and off, that goes into these productions – so to see them not only be appreciated by the Aquis Team, but also be recognised in other circles is something I hope everybody can be proud of,” said Christian Fitzpatrick, Creative Director of Mac and Bern Creative

The film showcases Aquis Farm as a brand and the magnificent facilities the QLD and NSW based operation offers.