Aquis Farm has a special connection through our owners with the Hong Kong racing industry. We regularly transfer our horses to Hong Kong to race and receive retiring horses from Hong Kong.

We have extensive knowledge and on-the-ground experience for buying horses for Hong Kong owners and delivering the horse to Hong Kong in first class condition.

Many sales to Hong Kong are effected from Aquis Farm from our almost daily visitation of Hong Kong and Chinese potential buyers.

Horse owners with any desire at all to enter the Hong Kong (or rest of Asia market) ought have their horses at Aquis Farm.

Hong Kong Racing True Odds


The above odds are published at 12:30 (Hong Kong time) on the pre-race day (after the 12:00 “ withdrawals  with substitutes “ deadlines  ).  Subsequent changes are only made when there are withdrawals (without any substitutes), up to 4 hours before the first race.

The TRUE ODDS are computed by our Hong Kong Representative Tony Lam, who is a former Stipendiary Steward of the Hong Kong Jockey Club and now a professional form analyst on Hong Kong racing.

The TRUE ODDS computation, like all conventional professional punters’ approach, will take into account many factors, comprising all the static racing data prior to declaration,  plus the draw and the predicted pace etc.

But our Professional Form Analyst, who has an in-depth understanding of Hong Kong racing and experienced in reading racing patrol films, will also carry out in depth study comprising the following factors (these factors are not considered in most professional punters’ statistical model analyses) :

  • track work irregularities, and scrutiny of video films of barrier trials subsequent to last run
  • riding irregularities by scrutiny of Patrol Films of last 2 runs
  • reading the intention of trainers (protection, priority to run at entry stage), and the jockeys’ factor (top jockeys selecting rides)
  • likely riding tactic changes because of draw, overall pace and tactic of key opponents and likely leaders

The TRUE ODDS is ONLY to help Australian punters, betting legally with the HKJC commingle pools in Australia.

The TRUE ODDS Computation has taken into account the 17.5 % deduction in tax and commission in the Hong Kong Jockey Club betting WIN pool.   This TRUE ODDS will facilitate early form study, as the Australian punters in general are not familiar with horses’ form.  Last minute comparison with the TOTE ODDS will highlight to punters the over value and under value bets.

Our Professional Form Analyst  will compute TRUE ODDS for all Hong Kong races, except :

  • all races over 1800M and above, as most runners in these races are with limited room for improvement and more importantly the not unusual unpredictable pace could significantly affect the outcome of these races
  • griffin races
  • races with 4 or more overseas runners

Odds Increment :

Odds Range Increased by Example
Below 5 0.1 1.7, 2.8, 4.9
5 – 10 0.2 5.2, 7.6, 9.8
11 – 30 1 11, 19, 28, 30
30  – 50 2 32, 38, 48
Above  50 5 55, 85, 95, 120, 145 ….