State-Of-the-Art Treadmill Gives Aquis Farm Another Edge

On top of beautiful surroundings, amazing staff and stunning training tracks, Aquis Farm horses will be given another edge with the impending delivery of a state-of-the-art horse gym from Germany.

The T4 SpeedPlus gym will provide our horses with a safe, comfortable environment to undertake a range of strength and conditioning programs.

Aquis Farm Pre-training and Racing Manager Kacy Fogden said the new gym would be a great addition to the property’s existing facilities.

“It is a great training tool to have as it can improve the fitness of a horse on a low impact surface with the benefit of having no weight of a rider or rider errors, in a safe, stress-free environment,” she said.

“This is ideal for heavy, fractious horses or horses coming back into work from an injury.

“It’s also great to be able to monitor the horse’s actions and also being able to safely use a dynamic scope on a galloping horse to monitor their airways if you have a horse with wind problems.”

The gym is expected to be in action by the end of February.

For more information or any enquiries regarding the use of the new gym, contact Kacy Fogden on 0401 294 875 or at