Set amongst 447 hectares of prime lucerne pastures, Aquis Farm is the ideal environment to care for and provide the highest quality racehorse facilities. We work with some of the finest trainers and specialists in the industry, ensuring each horse is carefully nurtured and managed. Constantly developing and refining our approach ensures Aquis Farm provides premium services and remains a world-class facility.

Spelling & Pre-Training

Aquis Farm’s location and world-class facilities provide the ideal location for spelling and pre-training horses. In conjunction with experienced staff and veterinarians, graduated programs have been developed for horses either taking a spell from racing or are developing after the breaking in process. As well as sheltered spelling paddocks, Aquis Farm is equipped with a 65-metre lap pool, aqua and horse walkers, a fully irrigated 1800 metre premium grass track and a 1750 metre all weather sand track. Our pre-training facilities offers horses the perfect conditions for a smooth transition into the racing stables.

Re-education & Freshen Up

They say a change is as good as a holiday and sometimes a horse just needs something different to restore its mental health and physical vitality. At Aquis Farm we have a host of assets at our disposal to get your horse back into shape. Whether it be putting the horse over jumps, taking it for rides in the hills, standing it in natural flowing creeks or mustering some cattle, we promise you a changed horse once it has been through our refresh program. Problem horses requiring re-education are our speciality.


Set in the heart of the famous Scenic Rim region, Aquis Farm provides the highest quality care and agistment facilities for your horse. We carefully tailor programs to fit each individual horse and board them in world-class stables, ensuring they receive the best possible care and management. We offer facilities for both permanent and seasonal mares, including 24-hour foaling facilities. Aquis Farm also offers agistment for weanlings, yearlings and racehorse spellers. Our pastures are entirely irrigated, with the lucerne providing the support for optimal growth and reproduction, supplemented by a hand-fed diet to ensure a balanced nutrient profile. Our knowledge and thorough consultation with experts can assure owners that their horses are checked daily to monitor their health and condition. Our goal at Aquis Farm is to provide optimal living and training facilities, with clients confident in the quality of care received by their horses and investments.

Foaling Down

Aquis Farm places great importance on the pre and post natal care of your mares. Experienced staff work in conjunction with specialists to ensure the birthing process is as safe as possible without unnecessary interference. Mares are monitored 24 hours a day with assistance available around the clock by our onsite veterinarian. Aquis Farm provides the setting to allow for close monitoring by our farrier and specialists to ensure the foal and mare remain healthy and comfortable after the birth. All foal progress is extensively monitored by staff so any corrective work can be performed, ensuring optimal development.


Foals are weaned in a gradual, minimal stress program. This ensures that both mare and foal experience little distress. As the weaning process develops each foal will receive basic education under the guidance of our experienced staff. This includes having a head-collar on, picking up feet and leading. Over a six-month period foals will receive additional instruction where they are rugged, hand-walked and taught to use the walkers and general manners. Early and repetitive guidance ensures that horses are well educated. Our program ensures weanlings can be presented, if desired, at the premium weanling sales auctions in the best possible condition and presentation.

Walking In

Aquis Farm will accept mares for foaling down (or dry mares) and for walking in to any Queensland stallion. We can keep and care for your mare (and foal) for as long as you want. Mares can be left at Aquis Farm on permanent care or on a temporary basis during the breeding season.

Sales Preparation

The Aquis Farm team is well versed in both modern and traditional aspects of preparing a thoroughbred for auction. Our tailored guides to proper nutrition, grooming, exercise, conditioning and education ensures that yearlings arrive with the best possible preparation and presentation. Thorough consultation with veterinarians and the farrier also guarantee that each horse receives the highest quality care possible.


Aquis Farm services are continuous from birth to retirement from racing. We ensure that all horses are nurtured and cared for to the highest standards in the industry. Once a racehorse has been retired, our experienced trainers will carefully assess the horse for retraining in another discipline. Once adequately retrained, the horse is transferred to a suitable equestrian sport home.