Kiss and Make Up Offer – Benefits and QTIS Match It Scheme

Kiss And Make Up Offer

As part of the deal with Emirates Park we will be moving star newcomer Kiss And Make Up to the Hunter Valley for his first season in 2017. Queensland breeders who use Kiss And Make Up at Emirates Park this year will get access to a range of extra benefits, including;

  • Free transport to Emirates Park from Queensland,
  • Free Agistment at Emirates Park until 45 days PPT to Kiss And Make Up; and
  • Free transport back to Queensland.

But wait, there’s more…

QTIS Match It Scheme

  • Importantly, Kiss And Make Up will be BOBS qualified by virtue of standing in NSW; and
  • Aquis Farm will also cover all the 2017 bred progeny of Kiss And Make Up as if they were QTIS horses at NO cost to the breeder or buyer – so if the 2017 bred progeny would have won QTIS bonus prize money in Queensland if it were a QTIS horse then Aquis Farm will pay the same amount to the same people as if the horse were actually QTIS registered,

The offer means 2017 bred progeny of Kiss And Make Up will be dual QTIS and BOBS qualified at all times, dramatically enhancing their sales value.

But wait, there’s more…

Breeder Bonus Scheme

If you breed two mares to an Aquis or Emirates stallion (and one of them is Kiss And Make Up) then the Kiss And Make Up Bonus Scheme will also apply to the progeny of Kiss And Make Up. This is the same scheme that we used to launch Spill The Beans last year and which led him being the number one first season stallion in all of Australia. Terms and Conditions Apply.

So on top of free transport and free agistment Queensland breeders that use Kiss And Make Up will benefit from three supporting bonus schemes. To book any of our 12 stallions call our sales team on (07) 5543 4732.

Kiss And Make Up will book out quickly so please book early.